Securing your organisation's critical assets

19th October 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

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19th October 2022

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As cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated, security leaders continue to innovate and leverage solutions such as automation to meet and exceed the complexity of the attacks from bad actors. But as we know, no organisation is completely secure and it is a matter of when and not if for many. It is crucial that response strategy is as robust as defence and that investment in these areas are scaled as such. 

The Cyber Security Summit 2023 will bring together thought leaders from across government, industry and academia to discuss cyber strategy and how to secure your organisation’s critical assets in an evolving cyber threat landscape and particularly in these turbulent geo-political times. Equipping yourself and your business with the correct cybersecurity knowledge and tools has never been more important.

We have added new separate streams of content to the 2023 agenda focusing on areas that have been identified as essential to securing your organisation’s critical assets:

  • IT security: strengthening the systems that store and transmit your digital information.
  • Cyber security in practice: protecting your electronic information from attack.
  • Cyber security policy and regulation: managing risk through governance and compliance.

With new legislation from the European Union (EU) looking to address cyber and information and communications technology (ICT) risks, we will be discussing key pieces – the Network and Information Security Directive Revision 2 (NIS2); the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and the AI Act. What do they mean for your business, and what steps can you take now to get ready?

The Summit will act as a platform for leaders to share the latest insights, best practices and global trends including: IT investment, large language models (LLMs) and AI chatbots, defending our national infrastructure, lessons learnt from recent attacks, emerging threats and how collaboration and knowledge sharing between government and industry is crucial in preventing cybercrime and identifying threats. 

There will be case studies from companies across utilities, transport, finance, health, aviation, education, manufacturing, pharma and medical on tackling cyber challenges, how they have responded to attacks and importantly, how they recovered with confidence. Hear how you can safeguard your operation to deliver business value, advance your leadership skills and develop a security strategy to bolster your resilience in uncertain times.  

Attendees will hear about emerging technologies and innovations to reduce your exposure and implement a prevent first strategy in your company. Expert speakers will outline how to build a skilled cyber security workforce, foster a pipeline of cyber talent and how to attract a more diverse and inclusive workforce to bolster your company’s resilience to attacks. 

The Summit, brought to you by Business Post LIVE and iQuest, will be live and in-person in Croke Park Stadium. So if you are an IT/Cyber Security leader who wants to explore new strategies to protect your business join us on 19 October for insightful and stimulating discussions on how to navigate the risks and challenges of the evolving cyber threat landscape.

  • IT security: strengthening systems that store and transmit digital information
  • Cyber security in practice: protecting electronic information from attack
  • Policy and regulation: managing risk through governance and compliance
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape of NIS2, DORA, Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and AI Act
  • Large language models (LLMs), AI chatbots
  • Possibilities and challenges of blockchain, DLT, Web3 and cryptocurrencies
  • International collaboration on cyber crime
  • Leadership and strategy in a threat landscape
  • Developing a culture of cyber awareness in your business
  • Reinventing your data protection strategy
  • Investing in a prevent-first strategy
  • Cloud security
  • Manage third party and supplier risk 
  • Building our collective resilience 
  • Defending our national infrastructure assets
  • Identifying emerging threats
  • Effectively prepare for and respond to an attack
  • Dealing with crime
  • Nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Training staff to minimise human factor risk
  • Recruitment companies

• Chief Information Security Officer
• Business Information Security Officer
• Chief Information Officer
• Chief Technology Officer
• Data Protection Officer
• CEO, Managing Director & Board members

Directors & Managers with responsibility for:

• IT & IT security
• Cyber security
• Information security
• Risk and compliance
• Data protection
• Data governance


Cyber & data security specialists in organisations such as:

• Banks, investment companies & insurance
• Health, pharma & medical
• Retail
• Energy & aviation
• Universities
• Government bodies & semi state agencies, local authorities,
• Specialist cyber security suppliers
• Manufacturers to the sector
• Management consultancies
• Legal & investment firms


Some feedback from our previous IT events:

Jonathan Kidd

Bank of Ireland

“Great event. Great spread of topics and speakers. Strong moderation by the chairperson helped”

Sinéad Murnane

Innovation Value Institute

“Excellent panels and topics. Really interesting and engaging. Well done to all involved”

Colin Burns

H&K International

“Excellent overall with all levels of experience from start-up pit falls to compliance to functionality to backbone”

Ailish O’Donnell

Bord Na Móna

“Very high calibre of speakers and real life examples were very valuable”

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